Nervecell - Preaching Venom (2009)


I must say that as far as death metal goes (and actually among many genres), this has been one of the biggest revelations of 2009. To be honest a lot of people may not have a clue about this band, or about the metal scene Dubai for that matter, but after listening about 30 times this record I have to say that I want to know more about Dubai Metal! Yes, this album is that good.

Composition-wise, every note sounds as heavy as it can, and yet the best part is that it never grows old. Perhaps this is due to the fact that every song shows an amazing deal of musicianship and that some thought went into composition, so any death metal fan can feel safe: this is a brutal, technical and rewarding album that mixes the best elements of Tampa Bay style, adding some classic Swedish sound and of course, some fresh elements to make Preaching Venom a notorious act.

There is little to question here around the great impact this band can bring to the scene, specially as newcomers. If you would ask me for any album that would clearly represent 2009 in terms of brutality and technique this has to be it, and again this speaks very well of what to expect from Nervecell in the near future.

Kudos to Lifeforce Records for signing one of the most promising acts in metal this year.


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